Users don’t wait for feedback forms, they give out feedback wherever they feel comfortable and if you are a digital company then you must be getting a lot of feedback from your users on Twitter.

Once you Integrate Twitter with Olvy, you can collect all your user feedback automatically on Olvy and we will give you insights on top of all the user feedback you've received, help you convert the common themes from your user feedback into your engineering roadmap, and finally close the loop with your users once you ship something they've asked for.

Setting Up the Integration

Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Twitter and connect Olvy with your Workspace’s Twitter handle.

Collecting Feedback from Twitter

Once you integrate Olvy with Twitter, Olvy will automatically collect all the tweets where your handle was mentioned. Olvy will analyse them, give insights and create user profiles for every unique user who mentions you on Twitter.

You can move over to message activity in Feedback, here you can send an announcement to your users and inform them about anything you ship that they had asked for and finally complete the loop to deliver customer delight.

Summing up, Olvy’s Twitter Integration helps you with

  1. Automatically collect all the user feedback on Olvy and analysis them.

  2. Automatically creates user profiles whenever feedback is recorded.

  3. Reply to all the relevant users in a thread whenever you ship something they've asked for, in one go.

Sounds interesting? You can actually analyze your Twitter Feedbacks by using our free tool and getting a flavor of Olvy as well.