Communicating with users and preserving user feedback over email is as difficult as separating sugar from salt. It’s hard to keep a track of precious user emails in the sea of all the other emails. If you are someone who gets a lot user emails, Olvy’s at your rescue!

Olvy provides an email to every workspace which you can use to simply forward your precious user feedback recieved over email. Olvy will autmatically log them in your Olvy Workspace, give you insights, create user's profile and you can communicate with one or many users directly from Olvy and notify them whenever you publish a release notes or a product update they’ve asked for.

Setting Up the Integration

Move over to Olvy's Workspace Settings > in new window

  1. You will see a list of all integrations Olvy supports, find Email in the list and click on "Copy Email"

  2. You have now copied the unique email Olvy provides to every workspace which you can use to forward your email feedback.

Pro Tip - Save this copied email in your contacts so that you can access this anytime you want to log an email in your desired Olvy workspace.

That's it! Olvy will automatically log your forwaded email as a feedback, create that user's profile and provide you with insights!