Picking out valuable bits of feedback from customer support chat is difficult due to user requests often go unheard. With Olvy’s Crisp integration, you can directly push customer feedback from your chat support to Olvy and inform users whenever you ship or fix something that your users had asked for.

Olvy on Crisp allows you to view all feedback that user has submitted and helps you automatically close the loop when something your users have asked for goes live.

Setting Up the Integration

Open your Olvy’s workspace setting and move to the Integrations tab.

1. Here you will find Crisp and you can authorize your Crisp Customer Support with Olvy's Workspace.

That's it! Your Crisp Integration is ready to capture user feedback and push it to Olvy!

Capturing Feedback with Crisp Integration

1. You will then see an option to "Create Feedback", click on it.

2. You will then be shown a form where you can fill in the user feedback you want to push to Olvy. Add your message and click on "Create Feedback", and the feedback will be added to Olvy.

You can move over to message activity in Feedback, here you can send an announcement to your users and inform them about anything you ship that they had asked for and finally complete the loop to deliver customer delight.

Summing up, Olvy's Intercom Crisp helps you with -

  1. Pushing relevant feedback directly from Crisp and analyzing all the feedback in one place.

  2. Automatically create user profiles once any feedback is pushed to Olvy.

  3. Communicate with all the users who gave feedback for all the research and communication purposes.

  4. Send out announcements to all the relevant users once you ship something they've asked for.