Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Happy and satisfied customers are the backbone of any business as it plays a key role in the growth of the business. Building a community of happy customers is only possible if you will understand them and their opinions about you.

But how would you know about this? By asking them questions. You can ask questions by conducting surveys. One such survey type is the customer satisfaction survey which we’ll discuss here.

In this blog, we’ll tell you a few types of customer satisfaction survey questions with some examples that you can use in creating surveys that will fetch accurate feedback from customers.

So, get pumped up to know which questions you can put up in your customer satisfaction surveys.

Let's get started.

What Is a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey?

A customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire that companies use to understand what their customers think about their products, services, and the company in general.

Customer satisfaction surveys help companies strategically develop their products, enhance the customer experience, and deliver according to customer needs.

At Olvy, we help companies to gather customer feedback smoothly and make improvements and advancements as per customer feedback.

3 Easy Steps to Conduct CSAT Surveys

The definition might sound simple but it can be difficult to take action. So, here are a few easy steps that you can follow to conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

Step 1: Set clear goals

The survey that you are going to conduct is of no use if you don’t know the purpose of conducting it. So, it’s better to be clear about the purpose in the beginning.

  • Decide what type of satisfaction survey you want to focus on.
  • Choose one of the methods to conduct the survey.
  • Decide the customer group that you want to target from your survey- New customers, Existing customers, or some other

Step 2: Choose an appropriate time to send the survey

Figure out the timing that works best for your company and send surveys at that time only.

There are different stages of the customer lifecycle so you can collect customer feedback accordingly. But before that be sure about the timings as it also plays a crucial role in the feedback accuracy.

Step 3: Start evaluation once you collect enough feedback

Determine the number of feedback that is required to have statistically meaningful data. Once you have that number of feedback, start the evaluation and conclude the survey.

5 Common Types of CSAT Survey Questions

Asking the right question in the correct format is essential to get accurate customer feedback. So, here are different types of customer satisfaction survey questions that you can use depending on your goals and expectations from the survey.

Rating scale questions

In rating scale questions, customers respond to the question by choosing a number on the rating scale. The scale can be 0-5 or 0-10 depending on the type of survey.

For instance:

How likely are you to recommend Olvy to others? (Rate 0-10)

Binary scale questions

In binary scale questions, customers only have two options that are YES/NO or Thumbs up/ Thumbs down.

For Instance:

Were you able to find solutions to your problem using Olvy's tools? (Answer: Yes/No)

Nominal questions

Nominal questions give different options to customers among which they can choose the best suitable one. Things to remember: the options should not overlap and no numerical value should be used.

For instance:

Which of the following best describes your experience with Olvy? “It was ______” (Choices)

  • Wonderful
  • Neither good nor bad
  • Bad
  • Prefer not to say

Likert scale questions

Another question type is a Likert scale question that uses a point scale (5 or 7 points) to evaluate customers' feedback. Number 1 reflects one extreme view whereas number 5 reflects the opposite extreme view. The middle numbers are of the moderate view.

For instance:

Olvy’s feedback tools are simple and easy to use.

  • 1 - Strongly disagree
  • 2 - Somewhat disagree
  • 3 - Neither agree nor disagree
  • 4 - Somewhat agree
  • 5 - Strongly agree

Open-ended questions

Open-ended questions give customers the freedom to express their views or problems freely. It's quite difficult to analyze data from such question surveys but it's beneficial to know beyond ratings and yes/no.

For instance:

"Is there anything you'd like us to work on? If so, what is it?"

Some CSAT Survey Question Examples

Here are some examples of customer satisfaction survey questions to give you some idea about the questions that you can add to your survey.

  • Are you satisfied with the service provided by Olvy?
  • How easy was it to find solutions to your problem with Olvy?
  • What else would you like to suggest?
  • How much value does Olvy add to your life?
  • How long have you been using these tools?
  • Have you considered alternatives before making the purchase?
  • According to you, which features are the most valuable?
  • What is your biggest roadblock when trying to collect feedback from customers?
  • Suggest any one feature that you would want us to add to the product.
  • How likely will you purchase our other products?

Ways to Follow up After the Survey

Don't let your customers leave empty-handed after they have attempted the survey. Now it's time to give them something in return for their valuable feedback. Here are a few ways to follow up after getting feedback from customers.

  • Reply with a "Thank You" to customer feedback as it will make them feel their efforts are being valued.
  • Pay attention to customers who leave negative feedback and address their concerns as soon as possible.
  • Read customer comments and act on them as they are a great way to provide real customer satisfaction. This way you can act on their problems immediately.
  • When any feedback shows some serious problem, stop everything and try to figure out the problem. Immediately solve minor issues and get back to customers to inform them that the issue is resolved.


By asking the right questions through customer satisfaction surveys, you can build a great community of loyal customers. The surveys will assist you in addressing customer needs and enhancing their overall experience. You won't see immediate results but you will surely be able to make things work as per plans. So, keep doing and trust the process.

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