Questions to ask customers about your product

Questions to ask customers about your product

Whether you are about to launch a product or you have already launched one in the market, it’s essential to identify what your customers think about your product, features they like or dislike, and many such things.

Knowing your product from your customers’ viewpoint will help you to enhance the product based on their needs and desires which will eventually lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Everyone knows this but the difficulty is in execution as to how to get customers’ feedback on the product. The answer is simple asking questions directly to customers.

If you are unaware of the kind of questions to ask customers about your product, don’t worry as we will be telling you that here.

In this blog, we’ll be sharing the top 12 product questions that you should ask customers to know their viewpoint about your product. Along with that, we will share the 3-step strategy that you can use to ask these product questions from your customers. So, let’s move ahead to discover all this.

Top 12 product questions to ask customers

The ultimate goal of creating and bringing a product to the market is solving the needs of potential customers of that product. You can’t understand it until you are not a customer. For this, it’s essential to ask the right questions from the customers about your product. So, let’s see what are the top 12 product questions that you should ask customers.

1. What is your work title and responsibility?

One of the most important questions to ask is who your most valuable customers are in terms of their job titles, responsibilities, level of experience and knowledge, etc. This is crucial because it allows you to determine whether the products and services you offer match the opportunity and value your target customer seeks.

Sometimes, the issue isn't with the product; it could be that you're preaching to the wrong audience.

2. What activities do you perform in your day-to-day life?

Now this question will help you to think from your customer's perspective. Asking this question will let you know where your product or service fits in the lives of your customers.

It's an important question as it will help you figure out where there is a place for your product or service in the daily lives of your customers.

3. What encouraged you to purchase our product?

This is another important question to ask your customers as it will help you to discover the true reasons customers purchase your product or service; their feedback will tell you how you design your messaging and enhance your product accordingly.

4. What do you like or dislike the most about our product?

This product question is essential for product development, and the more genuine the feedback, the better it will be to make changes. Comprehensive responses will help you understand what are the likes and dislikes of your customers regarding the product. This way you can enhance customer experience and in turn, they will recommend your product to their friends and colleagues.

5. What almost held you back from making the purchase?

This is the most crucial product question that you should ask your customers. Ask this question to customers who have a complete experience of buying or using your product. Asking this question will reveal fears, concerns, or objections that your customers had before making the purchase decision.

Throughout the buyer's journey, they may be enticed to back out at various points. Perhaps clients are afraid of losing money or are puzzled by the order form. You can find the doubts and concerns that stick in the minds of other prospective customers simply by inquiring customers to find any point at which they had second thoughts.

6. Is there something else you want us to add to the product?

People are more likely to open up about a problem that's been bothering them or something they like about the company or product at the end of the conversation or survey. This generally leads to some fascinating discoveries.

7. For how long do you use our products in a day?

By asking this product question, you may find out which products your customers use and how often they use them. It will help you identify which products make customers happy and which ones your most loyal customers use.

8. Which features of the product are most significant for you?

It's obvious that you don't have one product with one feature. Asking this question will help you understand which features of which product your customers prefer the most.

This question will bring surprising insights about your product that you have never imagined since even a negligible feature can be the reason for most retainer customers.

9. What problems are you trying to address with our product?

People use a product as it helps them solve a problem. But do you know what problems your product is solving for your customers?

This question may reveal parts of your product that require some attention. It could even lead to new products in the future.

10. How quick and easy is it to deal with our product?

Your product may suit experienced customers, not beginners. You might discover that the product isn't as clear as you imagined, which can turn off new customers if they get irritated. As a result, try making certain elements of the product easier to understand, or provide video tutorials and hints to help customers in using products.

11. Are you satisfied with the product cost?

It's important to identify whether the product is affordable to the customers.

If your product is too expensive, you may lose many potential customers and if your product is too cheap, you will not make any profits. Also, if people are satisfied with the cost of your product, you can develop some advanced features to boost revenue.

12. How likely are you to inform others about this product?

One of the most important product questions that you should ask customers is this one.

Your product's NPS (Net Promoter Score) will tell you how happy your customers are with your product and what they say to others about it.

If it's positive, those happy customers will promote you to others.

If it's negative, which means your customers are saying bad about your product, then you need their feedback so that you can improve.

Let your customers know that they've been heard and the changes will be made as per their needs. Make your customers happy and satisfied as they won't stick around if they are not.

How do you ask these product questions from customers?

After knowing the product questions that you should ask customers, now it’s time to take some action. Ask these questions to customers by conducting surveys that you can create using various product survey tools by Olvy. Then send that survey to customers via email or at the time when a purchase is completed.

Here are 3 simple and easy steps that you can follow to collect accurate information from customers by asking these product questions.

Step 1: Set up a customer survey

Start a new survey using various Olvy tools and assign it a meaningful title that will display at the top. Insert the above-mentioned questions one by one and make changes to the questions based on your needs.

Step 2: Share the survey with your customers

Once the complete survey is prepared, you'll need to distribute it to your customers. Send it to your consumers via email and make sure you clarify what is your purpose for conducting the survey. You can also invite customers to fill out the survey when they have made the purchase and are still on your website.

Step 3: Analyze the data

Now it's time to analyze the data that is collected from the survey. Since customers will answer questions by writing 2-3 lines or paragraphs, you'll need a way to group various answers to notice patterns. This task might be time-consuming but will be essential to assess the customer feedback.

Once you are done with the analyses, you should have enough understanding to establish a way ahead and begin implementing significant changes.

Final tips for asking product questions

Before you ask any question through surveys, you need to have a purpose. So plan strategically, figure out what information you need from your customers, and then design your survey around it.

Don't ask too many questions in the survey at once, as this will bore them. In the end, let your customers know that their feedback will be taken into consideration. They're devoting their time to helping you enhance your product, so don't waste it.

Once you've gathered your responses and given them a thorough reading, contact those who responded and inform them of your plans. Using this approach will also help you build strong and loyal relationships with customers.

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