Product Hooman Podcast

HeyTaco Using Gamifying Mechanisms to Increase User Engagement | Doug Dosberg, Founder @ HeyTaco

In this episode of the ProductHooman Podcast, we've invited Doug Dosberg, founder of HeyTaco, a peer-to-peer recognition platform that builds happier teams by inspiring positive communication.

It all started from a passion project for fun in 2016, and since then, he has been running HeyTaco as a solopreneur. Today, HeyTaco has thousands of customers worldwide and is a million-plus revenue company.

In today's episode, we had so many insightful and relatable discussions:

◾ How HeyTaco came into existence?

◾ Biggest problem people in the HR industry face

◾ Personas buying HR software and solutions to the industry problems

◾ How has it been being a solopreneur for the last 7 years?

◾ Insiders of HeyTaco - road mapping methods and organic growth

◾ Cool things Doug is currently working on

◾ Recent realization or learning

◾ At last, Doug answered, "WHY TACOS?"

Watch out the full episode to know in detail!