Product Hooman Podcast

Episode 1 Featuring Shyvee Shi

🎙️ Welcome to the 1st episode of ProductHooman Podcast — A LinkedIn Live Show, where we delve into captivating conversations with product people from around the globe. 🌏 In this podcast episode, Shyvee Shi, a Product Lead at LinkedIn, shares her journey and insights into product management. She provides valuable advice on transitioning into product management, the importance of knowing your "why," and the various personas a product manager must embody. Here are some of the key topics she discussed:

  1. Importance of Knowing Your "Why" Understanding the true motivation behind wanting to join product management is crucial. It should go beyond just finding the job exciting or trendy.

  2. Different Personas of a Product Manager Product managers need to wear multiple hats, especially when things go wrong, acting as the connective tissue holding the team together.

  3. Shyvee’s Career Journey Started in business and technology consulting, then transitioned into product management after business school, overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

  4. Transitioning into Product Management Common backgrounds for transitioning include technical roles, strategy, and roles with deep user empathy (e.g., sales, marketing). Key skills needed include strategic thinking, prioritization, and user empathy.

  5. LinkedIn’s Vision LinkedIn aims to be a knowledge platform rather than just a social media platform, focusing on creating economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce.

  6. Generative AI in Product Management Importance of solving real user problems with AI, key factors for choosing AI use cases: accuracy, fluency, and risk and focus on balancing automation with human control.

  7. Future of AI and Robotics Predictions about more intelligent and connected devices and the potential for AI to significantly impact various industries, including education and mental health. Explore the fascinating world of product management and generative AI with insights from Shyvee, Product Lead at LinkedIn! Learn about her journey, key advice for aspiring product managers, and how AI transforms the industry.

Don’t miss out on this deep dive into the future of tech and product development.