Product Hooman Podcast

Diving into the journey of Simon Tuddenham, Product Success Chief @ Skyjed, Ex - Emirates, Walmart

In this episode of ProductHooman Podcast, our speaker guest is Simon Tuddenham, Chief of Product Success at Skyjed. He pivoted his career from accounting, business analyst, to product manager and began his product journey as one of the first Product Owners at Asda, ⁠Walmart⁠'s UK operation.

In today's episode, we dived into his pivoting journey, leading product at Walmart, Emirates and discussed in detail:

◼️ Basic thesis while approaching a problem around building products

◼️ Key strategies for building a team from scratch

◼️ Major problem in digital adoption in a non-tech first company like Emirates

◼️ Maintaining effective communication as a Team Leader

◼️ Hurdles that every company like Walmart faces in Retail

◼️ Leadership qualities essential for managing large teams

◼️ Simon’s favorite frameworks while building product

◼️ One of his life mistakes that you shouldn't repeat

Watch the full episode to know in detail!