Product Hooman Podcast

Episode 4 Feat. Erin Kim, Senior PM @ Carta

🎙️ Welcome to the 4th episode of ProductHooman Podcast — A LinkedIn Live Show, where we delve into captivating conversations with product people from around the globe. 🌏

In this engaging episode, we’ve Erin Kim, a seasoned product manager at Carta, to delve into the intricacies of product development and customer-centric design. Key Takeaways from the podcast with Erin:

  1. Transition to Product Management Erin shares his unconventional journey from investment banking to product management, highlighting how his finance background equipped her with unique perspectives and skills for building fintech products at Carta.

  2. Collaborative Product Development Erin emphasizes the collaborative nature of product development at Carta, where insights from support, sales, and other cross-functional teams are integral to the process. This approach ensures a holistic understanding of customer needs and feedback.

  3. Product Culture at Carta The product culture at Carta is rooted in collaboration and inclusivity. Non-product teams are actively involved in product development, contributing valuable insights from their day-to-day interactions with customers.

  4. User Interviews and Research Erin explains her approach to user interviews, whether the problem statement is clear or ambiguous. She stresses the importance of involving the right stakeholders, such as design and engineering teams, depending on the stage of the product development cycle.

  5. Advice for Early-Stage Teams Erin advises early-stage product teams and startup founders to focus on understanding their customers deeply and not get too attached to their initial product ideas. She underscores the importance of falling in love with the problem, not the solution.

  6. Favorite Tools and Practices In the rapid-fire round, Erin shares her favorite productivity tools, the importance of curiosity in her management style, and the best advice she has received: "Don't take every advice you get." Join us for this insightful conversation with Erin and gain valuable insights into building customer-centric products in a collaborative and dynamic environment!

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