Product Hooman Podcast

Behind-the-Scenes of WhatsApp Business Messaging - Ankit Jaini, Product Manager @ Meta

Ankit Jaini is the Product Manager at WhatsApp, owned by Meta, and has been working on WhatsApp’s nascent feature, “Business Messaging,” to protect users from spam and low-quality messaging on the platform. He has worked with companies like Twilio, Goomo, AlienAdv, and more.

In today’s ProductHooman podcast episode, we discuss:

🔳 WhatsApp for Small and Large Businesses

🔳 Difference between B2C and B2B Product Management

🔳 B2B and B2C in WhatsApp Business Messaging

🔳 Bigger vision at Meta right now and Work culture at Meta

🔳 WhatsApp's principle-based decision making

🔳 High Agency in Product Management

🔳 Having Hard Conversations at Work — Biggest Learning