Product Hooman Podcast

AI taking over the artistic and creative stuff | Suhas Motwani, Founder @ TheProductFolks

In this episode of the ProductHooman Podcast, we've invited Suhas Motwani, founder of TheProductFolks, one of Asia's largest product communities. He worked at PepsiCo last full-time and iterated on several side projects such as Indistractable, Indie Project, Bangalore Meetups, etc.

In today's episode, we discussed so many interesting insights:

◾ Similarities and differences between Community Manager and Product Manager

◾ Emerging trends in the industry

◾ AI took over creative and artistic stuff

◾ Cool projects Suhas is actively working on

◾ Recent realization — Biggest Learning

◾ Cool company recommendations which are doing great stuff

Listen to the whole conversation to know in detail!