Tips and Tricks

Analyze user feedback 10x faster with Olvy AI

  1. Collect user feedback: Need a feedback widget? Or do you need a tool to listen to user feedback on your Slack/Discord community? No matter where the feedback is, Olvy be there to collect it.

  2. Reply to user feedback: Still replying to user feedback via support email? Why not reply where the feedback came from, like directly on Slack? It’s indeed hard if done manually, but what if you can do that directly in one single dashboard? That’s exactly what Olvy can help you with.

  3. Keep your dev team in loop: It’s essential to pass the complete context of user feedback which includes feature requests or bugs to your developer team. Olvy lets you pass the complete context and also create issues directly into your issue tracker. Isn’t it cool?

  4. Analyze user feedback with AI: It can be hard analyzing hundreds, if not thousands, of user feedback at once. Olvy ingests all your user feedback, runs it through our AI and lets you know what users are talking about in simple, easy-to-read pointers.

  5. Announce changes: Fixed a bug or shipped a new feature? It's time to notify users, Olvy lets you directly notify the user at the source and also publish your changelog that can be read by everyone. Also, did I already mention, it can be multilingual and there’s an in-app notification widget too? Join us in shaping the future of product management, we’re just getting started!