Why are we writing?

Why are we writing?

Hi Builders,

We find ourselves writing this letter to you, because our lives, like yours revolve around software. We spend our days building, selling, or using software. It's something you do daily, something that is always on your mind, has to be perfect. It becomes your goal to build the best experience possible. Your product should always be better than the ones you find yourself using.

We understand that. We know the feeling. We understand that feeling of accomplishment and relief right after a git push, or that meeting that suddenly comes with a tsunami of clarity about the product. We also understand the feeling of when someone suggests an improvement at the exact place you know you've made a trade-off for something your gut told you was better.

With this love for products, and product building. With the goal of helping you ship software better, we're announcing Olvy.

Olvy is building for product builders, for people in large teams, and for makers pursuing independence. We want to help you ship better software by helping you better ship software.

And this blog will be about just that. Shipping better software, where we will talk to you about building software, planning features, releasing, feedback, going to drawing boards and pushing that big red button to unveil it to the world (what? you don't have those? are they not common?). We will share our thoughts, and where we lack we will bring in experts to provide all information needed.

Here's to the joy of shipping software 🍻

Builders like you,
Nishant and Arnob

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Arnob Mukherjee

Arnob Mukherjee

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