Voice of Customer

‪ReadyPlayerMe‬ reduced feedback analysis time by 50%

Voice Of Olvy's Customers welcomes Marc Gimeno, the Head of Product ‪@ReadyPlayerMe‬, who shares about his experience of working with Olvy and the impact integrating Olvy in their workflow has brought in for them.

In the video, Marc first highlighted their biggest challenge before working with Olvy by saying "The biggest challenge before we started using Olvy, and came to Olvy as a solution was that our feedback was super scattered. The other challenge we faced was feedback that got lost. So on one hand, it was the amount of time we were investing, but more important than that, the amount of missed opportunities or important things that were going under the radar."

Then he has thrown light on the results they achieved after adopting Olvy in their workflow by saying "Time decreases for the amount of time we were doing the information gathering. Now, we spend more time on qualitative analysis than gathering the information. I

t's 50% less time because now we don't have to gather information from different sources."

In the end, he mentioned how Olvy has become an integral tool in their product decision-making process.

Watch the full video to know what all he has to say about Olvy 🚀