Olvy AI Copilot

Precise, Comprehensive Feedback Summaries with Olvy's Generate Summary 2.0 🚀

Introducing the new version of Olvy's feedback summary generation 🚀

Actively listening to user feedback comes with a major problem 👇

As you keep collecting user feedback, a huge volume of feedback keeps getting stored, and it becomes really difficult to come up with top user requests that need to be prioritized.

That’s why we introduced Olvy’s Generate Summary feature as a savior for you a couple of months back 🙌

And now is the time to upgrade it and bring Generate Summary 2.0 🚀

What all is new? Here you go 👇

✨ Customized Summary Length: Now, it's all about what you need. Choose whether you want to see the top 5, 10, 15, or 20 user requests from a huge feedback set.

✨ Enhanced Interactions: You have more control than ever, with options to stop, regenerate, or cancel your summary. It's all in your hands.

✨ Advanced Precision: Our system has become even smarter, providing you with comprehensive and precise summaries.