Olvy AI Copilot

Enhanced Search Functionality and Introducing Ask Olvy ✨

Ever wished finding the exact user feedback you need was as easy as asking a question? Now it is!

Introducing our game-changing new feature: Ask Olvy and a supercharged search functionality!

We've been working on some major product enhancements and features and now it’s time for Reveal!

🆕 Ask Olvy

Simply type your question and Olvy will sift through your feedback, spotlight relevant insights, and even summarize them for you. It’s like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what your users are thinking!

🔍 Enhanced Search

With keyword highlights, you can quickly spot the insights you need and dig into details effortlessly. Finding and understanding user feedback is now quicker and more intuitive.

Sounds exciting? Don’t just watch the video, see the full power of Olvy in action yourself!