user identification

user identification

user identification

When your users interact with the Olvy widgets, whether it is giving you feedback using your feedback widget or reacting "Awesome!" to a release note, you would want to know who the particular feedback or reaction is coming from.

User Identification allows you to add a user's information with the actions they take using Olvy widgets.

In order to identify a user you will just need to call the following function in your application when the application is loaded.



{ name: "name of your user",

email: "email of your user",

identifier: "unique id for your user (primary key)",

tenant: "(optional) if your app is multi-tenant",

designation: "(optional) designation of your user",

meta: "(optional) takes a JSON object with any additional info"


Replace <your-subdomain> with the subdomain of your Olvy workspace. For example if your Olvy releases page is at then replace <your-subdomain> with acme

That's all. Olvy's script will not associate your user information with all actions they take.