With Olvy you can have multiple announcements as well as feedback widgets. Differentiating feedback from multiple widgets can be a difficult task.

Additional Information can help in this.

In order to push additional information to the feedback you will just need to call the following function in your application when the application is loaded.

OlvyUtils.setFeedbackMetaInfo("<your-subdomain>", <"JSON object containing whatever information you need to push">);

Replace <your-subdomain> with the subdomain of your Olvy workspace. For example if your Olvy releases page is at acme.olvy.co then replace <your-subdomain> with acme .


OlvyUtils.setFeedbackMetaInfo("acme", {

"platform": "desktop-web",

"version": "2.1",

"browser-fingerprint-id": "dnug5qpX6CK5HiHKNqJQ", "timezone":"Asia/Kolkata",

"device":"MacIntel", "lastOpened": "31 min ago",

"page": "profile"


If you're not setting the OlvyConfig variable then while initializing a new Olvy instance add the following parameters.

new Olvy("<your-subdomain>", {

feedbackMetaInfo: <"JSON object containing whatever information you need to push">



That's All! 🎉
This additional information gets pushed to all the feedbacks which are submitted using feedback as well as announcement widget.