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CRMs are a good way to keep a record of all the user details but passing user requests to your team is difficult. Make your Hubspot CRM smart with Olvy’s Hubspot integration where you can merge all your user contacts with Olvy to keep a record of all their feedback and you can quickly push customer feedback you receive to your product team to help them understand the users better and ship and fix things your users are asking for.

Olvy on Hubspot also allows you to view all feedback the user has submitted to provide context and helps you automatically close the loop when something your users have asked for goes live.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Head over to your workspace’s setting and then to the Integrations.
  2. Here you’ll find Hubspot, authorise your Hubspot CRM with Olvy's Workspace.
  3. Go to your Hubspot and open the contact details of any user, you will find Olvy Feedback here.

That’s it, your integration is now ready to capture feedback and you will find all your user contacts merged with Olvy!

Capturing Feedback with Hubspot Integration

Once you are done with integrating Hubspot with Olvy -

  1. You will then see an option to "Create Feedback", and click on it. You will then be shown a modal where you can fill in the user feedback you want to push to Olvy. Add your message and click on "Create Feedback", and the feedback will be added to Olvy.
  2. In your Hubspot’s user contact details, you’ll also find a log of all the valuable feedback that the user has given so far.

You can move over to message activity in Feedback, here you can send an announcement to your users and inform them about anything you ship that they had asked for and finally complete the loop to deliver customer delight.

Configuring your Hubspot Integration

Once you set up the Hubspot integration you can configure it to change how the integration acts and what it does for you. To configure the Hubspot integration click on the ⚙️ icon next to the integration and you'll be presented with the following configuration.

Import Deal Amounts From Hubspot
Here you will find two options. Revenue from Open Deals and Revenue from Won Deals. You can link both these values to a custom property which has the data type of number. Olvy will then automatically calculate the amount a contact has in open deals and the amount in won deals and add the total values to your selected custom properties for the user.

You can use these values to filter or order your users and feedback, to answer questions like which feedback impacts the most projected revenue, or which feedback impacts the biggest customers you have.

Summing up, Olvy's Hubspot Integration helps you with -

  1. Pushing relevant feedback directly from Hubspot and analyzing all the feedback in one place.
  2. Quickly merge all your user contacts in one place.
  3. Keep a track of all the user feedback and the activities that the user does on Olvy.
  4. Communicate with all the users who gave feedback for all the research and communication purposes.