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If you're an open source first company or a company building for developers, or if the primary users of Github are your primary users, managing your release notes on GitHub makes a lot of sense. But here's the thing. You also want to maintain a nice public-facing changelog/release notes for your product. Your managed version (if you're an open-source company) needs a nice UI for users who're not on Github.

We've now made it possible for you to integrate your GitHub releases with Olvy, so you can continue to manage your releases on Github. We will automatically import them for you and serve them on your beautiful release notes page hosted with Olvy.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Move over to Olvy's Workspace Settings > Integrations. Find GitHub from the list of all the other integrations.
  2. Once you click on 'Setup,' GitHub will ask you to authorize some permissions that Olvy uses for configuration purposes. Once you Authorise Olvy, you will be redirected to your Olvy Workspace.
  3. Link your preferred Account and Repository you want to link your workspace.

That's it! Your GitHub Integration is ready to make your releases even more beautiful.

Publishing GitHub Releases with Olvy

  • Once you set up the integration, you can move to your GitHub account and create a new release note.
  • As soon as your release gets published, you will also find your Olvy Release Note Live.
  • Since GitHub doesn't support some features that Olvy does, you can move to your Olvy Workspace and to your Release page and make your desired preferences there.

Summing up, Olvy's GitHub Integration helps you with -

  1. Helps you publish beautiful releases directly from your GitHub account.
  2. Provides additional features that GitHub doesn't provide to customize your releases the way you want.
  3. Helps you manage all your releases in one place and provides insights on top of it.