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Still, spending hours going through your surveys, interviews, reviews, support tickets and sales calls?

Analyse them all in a single click with Olvy's AI analysis engine.

Olvy AI Copilot

Top companies trust Olvy for their customer feedback management needs.
Top companies trust Olvy for their customer feedback management needs.
Top companies trust Olvy for their customer feedback management needs.

Alyssa Amir

Product Lead at LottieFiles

LottieFiles boosts productivity by 65% with Olvy's efficient feedback management solution

Import all your customer feedback and generate insights on autopilot 🤖

Works with your existing tools to bring all your customer data in one workspace to give you a complete picture.

Convert raw user thoughts into meaningful, structured feedback with Olvy's 🪄

Move from analysis to insights in seconds ⚡️

Get to high level insights in a click, then deep dive with your customer segments and custom metadata.

Olvy's Power features

Automated Feedback Tagging

Olvy's AI instantly categorizes incoming feedback into specific buckets such as Feature Request, Bug Report, Question, Ideas, and Praise, enabling teams to quickly understand the nature of feedback.

Sentiment Analysis

The tool breaks down feedback sentiment into Positive, Negative, and Neutral categories. This gives teams a clear pulse on how users feel about their product or services.

Advanced Keyword Analysis

It offers a dynamic word cloud integrated with sentiment analysis to provide a holistic understanding of the feedback's content, highlighting the most frequently mentioned keywords in user feedback.

Thematic Analysis

Using advanced natural language processing (NLP), Olvy groups similar feedback together and extracts major themes. This allows businesses to address larger user concerns systematically.

AI-Generated Reports

The tool crafts reports automatically based on themes, coupled with self-notification capabilities. This ensures that monitoring and reporting on feedback data is effortless and always up-to-date.

Translate Feedback

Olvy can translate user feedback from over 100+ languages, allowing businesses to understand and analyze user feedback from across the globe, regardless of the linguistic background of their users.

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