A changelog is a curated list of notable changes for each version of a project.


It makes for contributors and users to exactly know the notable changes made between each release of the project easily.

But which changelog tool to choose is a different headache so, let's dive into comparing the best of them out there with Olvy.

Olvy vs. Beamer

Beamer says it's the best way to get users updated and engaged. However, is it? Not to forget, while Olvy has a paid plan (apart from the free one) for $29 per month, Beamer offers 3 different paid plans starting from $49 a month.

Feature Olvy Beamer
In-App Widgets Multiple Styles Single Style (Sidebar)
Analytics per Release Yes Yes, but only basic. Advanced are paid.
Create Projects and Categories Yes, free for all. Yes, but paid.
Custom Domain Yes Yes, but only in top 2 plans.
Custom CSS Yes Yes, but only in top 2 plans.
SEO Ready Yes No
Google Analytics Yes No
Inject Custom JS Yes Yes, but only in the top plan.
Add Expiration Date Yes No
Emoji Reactions - Feedback on Releases Yes Yes
Sentiment Analysis - Feedback on Releases Yes No
Performance Dashboard Yes Yes
Appearance Settings Yes, free for all. Yes, but paid.
Post Embeds Yes No
User Identification Yes Yes
APIs Yes Yes
Announce via Email Coming Soon No

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